More than 70 million Americans waited for the indictment of Hillary Clinton for the gross mishandling of classified information and violation of the Federal Records Act that were in the public record. That indictment never came due to a sham "investigation" by biased FBI agents and a FBI Director who drafted his exoneration BEFORE the principal target of that investigation had been questioned.

The evidence of her crimes were in Congressional testimony and the public record.

They weren't alleged or the imagination of some TDS addled individual who can read tea leaves and predict who is the "unindicted co-conspirator #1".

You will likewise be waiting for the Indictment of President Trump for, despite how much every politician with a "D" after their names despises him for having the temerity to deny Hillary the coronation they all thought she deserved, they know that the world turns and they could be the next member of the "club" indicted.

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