William Wilson
2 min readJan 28, 2022


Here's a few questions for you:

IF the January 6 Committee discovers evidence of what they THINK is a crime, what can they do with it other than write it up in a report?

They don't have the power to impanel a Grand Jury, do they?

They don't have the power to indict, do they?

I think to do those things would necessitate moving things from the Legislative Branch to the Executive Branch and the DOJ.

I don't think the DOJ would rely solely on results of a highly partisan Congressional Committee (yes, I know there are two Republican members). They would want to conduct their own investigation. Wait, aren't they doing that already?

So, if the January 6 Committee can't impanel a Grand Jury or indict and the DOJ is already investigating events of that day, what might be the result when the Committee issues their report?

I think the most likely scenario is it will IMPLY the guilt of some Republican Congressmen and will be timed for release around the midterms with the hopes that the mere implication of guilt that would surely be amplified by Democrat's allies in the media would be enough to deny those Republicans reelection. If it doesn't, Democrats would pursue procedural censure or expulsion after the election and before Republicans assume the majority all the talking heads expect them to attain. This would also likely be before any DOJ indictments of those Congressmen if any are even forthcoming.

Besides that, I don't think there can be any doubt, the report will 100% blame President Trump for everything that occurred that day.

Also, political allies attacking a select committee of Congress investigating one of their own isn't unusual. When the House Select Committee on Benghazi discovered Hillary's gross negligence in the handling of classified information, that Committee was attacked from all angles by Clinton allies.



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