William Wilson
2 min readOct 17, 2020


Have you been asleep the last four years if not the last 12 months?

It hasn't been Trump Supporters rioting, looting, and setting fires to businesses owned by Americans of all races and creeds.

The only threats I have seen of not accepting results and taking to the streets have been by leftists.

Democrats and their media supporters never accepted the results of the 2016 election. President Trump's reelection is going to be even harder for them to take.

The media makes a big deal about the crowds at Trump Rallies sometimes failing to observe the ever-evolving guidance from "experts" on dealing with the Wuhan Flu.

But, you know what they don't talk about for Biden rallies? CROWDS!

While the numbers at President Trump's rallies varies from thousands to sometimes tens of thousands, Biden's rally attendees number in the dozens (sometimes not even that).

There is a HUUUGE enthusiasm gap you completely dismiss.

You are right that the days and weeks following Election Day are going to be some of the rawest our country has seen in some time.

Democrats have promoted this through their nonsensical insistence on 100% mail-in voting in many states.

Their hysterical drumbeat that the very survival of the planet depends on the results of this election and the inherent risks associated with ballots mailed to demonstrably unmanaged registered voter lists pretty much ENSURES there will be attempts at or even successful acts of voter fraud most on the left and the mainstream media dismiss out of hand.

The pressure for election precincts to quickly count the number of mail-in ballots for which many lack the experience will be immense. Mistakes are bound to happen and invalid votes tabulated.

Democrats have laid the groundwork to frame any efforts by President Trump to question the validity of votes (no matter their veracity) as some dictatorial aspiration and a refusal to leave office.

Yet, as you note, Team Biden has an immense legal team planned for deployment to question votes.

Democrats have already been seen before friendly judges in lawsuits to weaken mail-in ballot safeguards like requirements for them to be received by election day. You can expect more Democrat lawsuits AFTER election day seeking to further weaken safeguards by challenging things like requirements for addresses and signatures to match registration cards.

If Biden remains behind, Democrats will frame any ballots still in the USPS system, not as a failure of the voter to return their ballots in a timely manner, but as a "voter suppression" effort cooked up by President Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy.

Like the "Trump won't leave office" narrative they've been stoking, they have held hearings teeing-up the USPS conspiracy theory.

The key being they will want to keep counting votes until Biden is ahead. Then, they will declare victory and insist votes are stopped being counted.

It's NOT going to be pretty. It's going to be Bush vs Gore Florida 2000 on steroids. Democrats have no one to blame for that but themselves.



William Wilson

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