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Reading about the need for consideration of "original intent" when it comes to the Constitution is laughable when people of a like mind to you argue about "separation of church and state", commas in the Second Amendment, the righteousness of "birthright citizenship" for anchor babies, and the "right of privacy" that makes it legal to take the life of the unborn.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have developed their BILLIONS on a similar design: collecting, segmenting, and monetizing their user’s data. Tapestri intends to do the same with cell phone data. The distinction is that Tapestri wants to PAY users for their nonpersonal data. Check out Tapestri here:

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The real question is why aren't her unfavorables even higher.

Is there any aspect of her job as VP been good?

For the record, I think Republicans should have accepted a 9/11-style, bipartisan commission to investigate the events of January 6, 2021.

Given that, I still have some questions about your piece and the objectiveness of some of your supporting documents.

For example, the Rollcall article for your link from "McCarthy reneged and demanded that the investigation also include an investigation into violence by Antifa" repeats the Democrat narrative that Representative McCarthy " admitted on Fox News in 2015 that his conference put together the Select Committee on Benghazi, in part, to hurt Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers."


Your comment is misleading and not reflective of my post.

You wrote:

"Storming the Capitol, fighting to change election laws, and telling people not to get vaccinated are also minor offenses that have also gone unpunished."

My post was as quoted:

“I’m wondering where in the U.S. Constitution advocating for and passing legislation and exercising free speech are prevented.”

I agree I wasn't as precise for as I could have been, but "passing legislation" should easily be associated with "fighting to change election laws" and "telling people" something with free speech.

Nowhere did I excuse those who "stormed the Capitol"…

As I wrote in my response to the original commenter, any gas shortages and "angry, gunned-up street battles" are more likely to be the result of Democrat anti-fossil fuel policies and President Biden's Border Crisis that is allowing and not deterring violent MS-13 and other gang members from entering the country. This is on top of the thousands of uneducated, low-skilled people he has admitted who often turn to crime when they have difficulties assimilating.

I am NOT suggesting that every native of South and Central America who embarked on the dangerous journey to the United States, some being raped…

You never answered my questions.

I never argued that the people from which children were separated and with whom they were traveling may have been their parents.

I argued the United States government has a duty to verify that alleged familial relationship before reuniting children with their potential parents.

Isn’t it just as conceivable some of those children screaming for their parents were hoping their voices would be heard back in their country of origin?

You never disputed the fact that not all “family units” which crossed the border actually had a familial relationship.

Here’s an article discussing the problem:

The Battle for Leads — My Lead Gen Secret

The Battle for Leads

So, I started this online business journey with high hopes I could develop something rather quickly to supplement my retirement income. I had been medically discharged from the Air Force after suffering a spinal cord injury while mountain biking. My main motivation was trying to help my sister out with some of her bills. She was nice enough to take me in after I had done some recovery at a VA hospital.

I didn’t think that would be a problem. After all, I was educated, I understood computers pretty well, I was motivated, and I had…

As a review of PART ONE of the story, I was miraculously selected to attend Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), an Air Force Professional Military Education school, located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama. I was chosen as a Seminar Leader babysitting 12–13 other officers making sure they were at the right place, at the right time, and didn’t fall asleep during lectures. Two of my classmates asked me to go mountain biking and I had to borrow an ill-fitting bike for the ride.

The day of the scheduled ride, I arrived at the trailhead early to take…

So, there I was, back in 2003. I had just completed a Joint assignment at US Pacific Command Headquarters in Hawaii. I write “completed”. I didn’t really complete the assignment. My assignment at US Pacific Command was in the J635 Operations and Exercise Plans Division. I know, all of you non-military types are wondering “what the heck is J635”. It’s a military designation for Communications (J6), Operations (3), and Plans (5). I was out of my element during the assignment; but, I learned a lot. Plus, I made some good friends.

Anyway, usually that would be a three-year assignment. No…


I'm an Air Force veteran and became paralyzed after a freak mountain biking accident. I spend my days now writing about sports and making money online.

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